Your platform.
Your rules.

Microwaving mice is wrong they say

A simple, End-To-End-Encrypted, FOSS and federated platform, where you decide what goes.

Fully free and open source, forever

Here at Eludris, we strive to make free and open source software for everyone to use, which is why Eludris is and forever will be free, open source and under the permissive MIT license.

Lightweight and federated

Eludris is federated, which means that anyone can host their own instance anywhere and it will communicate with the other instances to fetch you your latest and greatest hot memes and subjectively bad opinion no matter where it is, all while being fully contained thanks to docker.


Eludris really cares about your privacy, which is why it provides federation and End-To-End-Encryption so your mind can be at peace no matter how shady the instance you're using!

Not convinced yet? Host your own instance and own all your data, sounds good?

Fully under your control

Eludris strives to be as configurable as possible, which is why it makes it easy to configure everything from max message lengths to ratelimit settings from a single toml file without needing any coding experience.